Original Christmas dates back to St. O'Nicholas first Christmas. Story goes, Santa was originally a reindeer farmer in the highlands of Ethiopia. While allowing the reindeer to frolic and feed from the vegetation around his village, on day Santa noticed them prancing around with extra energy. The reindeer became so energetic they began to fly high in the night sky. Santa traced this energy to a new tree filled with red cherries. One reindeer, Rudolph, ate so many his nose became red.

Santa was so inspired and thrilled, he tried the cherries himself and fell in loved them as well. The only problem was that Santa could not sleep at night. So while lying awake one night, Santa decided to visit the villages and share this wonderful gift of coffee with everyone and not to leave the children out, Santa began to leave gifts behind for all. Using the prancing, now flying, reindeer, Santa took off and delivered the coffee and gifts to the entire world in one night. Thus, the story of the first Christmas and the Original Christmas Coffee.

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