Green-Unroasted Organic Uganda Sipi Falls


Green-Unroasted Organic Uganda Sipi Falls

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION:  Sipi Falls,  Mt. Elgon Region     FARM:  Sipi Falls Coffee Project     FARMER:  Co-Op
VARIETAL:   Bourbon | SL14    ALTITUDE: 1000 - 1900 M     PROCESS:  Washed
    ROAST:  Medium





Sipi Falls is a beautiful landmark in Uganda, originating from Mount Elgon. According to many, Elgon was once the tallest mountain in Africa. The Sipi Falls Coffee Project was initiated by Kawacom in 1999. It now incorporates over 5,000 small-holder farmers who cover an area of over 2,000 hectares. With training, young trees, and extension services provided by Kawacom, farmers are improving agronomic practices for both higher quantity and higher quality yield, which generates more income. Extensive use of intercropping provides both shade and compost for the coffee trees as well as food for the farmers and their families.



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