Green-Unroasted Organic Colombia Tolima


Green-Unroasted Organic Colombia Tolima

Green-Unroasted Coffee Bean

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REGION:  Tolima
      FARM:  ASCISP (Asociación de Caficultores Indigenas de San Pedro)   FARMER: Co-Op      VARIETAL:  Castillo+Caturra     

ALTITUDE: 1800 - 2000 M    PROCESS: Washed



This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Asociación de Caficultores Indigenas de San Pedro (ASCISP), located in the municipality of Planadas in the department of Tolima, Colombia. ASCISP is comprised of member from the Páez indigenous group, also known as the Nasa. For many years, Tolima has remained hidden in plain sight cradled between other well-known growing regions because armed conflict and coca leaf production has isolated small coffee producers and exposed them to high rates of violence. ASCISP has worked hard to help its members break through the cycle of conflict to produce quality coffee that will yield better earnings for indigenous families.



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