Green-Unroasted Honduras Mi Bendición Micro Lot


Green-Unroasted Honduras Mi Bendición Micro Lot

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION: Intubica     FARM: Mi Bendición     FARMER:  Adelina Montoya 
VARIETAL:  Bourbon     ALTITUDE: 1800 M



Bendición means blessing, the Mi Bendición Farm is a blessing for Adelina Montoya and her family. They are very happy to have the opportunity to see their hard work payoff. Their Micro-lot income helps give them a better economic situation by being able to invest in health and education for their family.

Adelina Montoya, alongside her husband, has been able to grow excellent specialty micro-lot coffee on their 3 hectors at 1800 meters altitude. Adelina manages and maintains her coffee trees with cleaning and pruning. They harvest with a team of six people and the Montoyas monitor the process making sure they only pick the best cherries. The drying process takes about 20 days and the fermentation process takes about 24 hours to complete. This year, Klatch Coffee has partnered with the Montoyas, who take great pride and care of their specialty coffee micro-lot making it available for your enjoyment.



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