Green-Unroasted Ethiopia Worka Natural Anaerobic Yeast


Green-Unroasted Ethiopia Worka Natural Anaerobic Yeast

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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    REGION:  Gedeb    FARM:  Chelbiesa Village     FARMER:  Gedeb Sakarao Washing Station     ALTITUDE:  1999 M     VARIETAL:  Kumie Diga Wilsho      PROCESS:  Anaerobic Yeast



Our Ethiopia Worka Natural Anaerobic Yeast special processes is a Direct Trade Lot introduced to our green buyer Mike Perry on his trip to Ethiopia in January by our contact and former Klatch member Rahel who returned to her homeland to source these types of special lots for Klatch. This is the 2nd of 5 lots we will be introducing to the US market. Thank you Rahel.


Anaerobic Fermentation Ripe cherry deliveries from Chelbiesa Village are first sorted by hand. The best cherries are then placed into Grain Pro bags with an added mixture of brewed yeast. The bags are sealed and as the fermentation of the coffee and yeast begins it produces CO2, creating an anaerobic environment in the bag. After 72 hours of fermentation the cherries are removed from the bag and moved to dry on raised beds for 2–3 weeks until they reach their target humidity.