Organic Decaf Mexico SWP Fair Trade


Organic Decaf Mexico SWP Fair Trade

caramel - apple - panela

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 REGION: Yajalon | Chiapas     FARM: Yaxcoffee     FARMER: Comercializadora y Exportadora Yaxcoffe Café Verde
VARIETAL: Typica | Bourbon   ALTITUDE: 700 - 1500 M     PROCESS: Washed, Swiss Water® Process Decaf  ROAST: Medium

Great flavor of caramel, apple, and panela sweetness. Very nice decaf Swiss Water Process® with additional notes of chocolate-covered oranges and tangerine undertones. Panela also known as "rapadura", and it is an unrefined whole cane sugar, typically found in Central and Latin America. It usually comes in a solid form cylinder or cone shape. It has a unique sweetness somewhat similar to molasses but with a warm, caramel, and aromatic aspect to it.

Decaf Swiss Water® Process:

This bean goes through a Swiss Water® Process which uses water to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. It’s decaffeinated coffee without compromise. Coffee decaffeinated using the environment-friendly Swiss Water® Process undergoes regular caffeine level audits to ensure compliance to 99.9% caffeine-free.