Organic Decaf Espresso


Organic Decaf Espresso

cinnamon - wealth of nut - rich creamy body

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REGION:  Global     FARM:  Various     FARMER:  Various     VARIETAL:  Various
ALTITUDE:  Various     ROAST:  Medium|Dark

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 20 g (double) Temperature: 201°F [94°C]
Time: 24-26 seconds Out: 36 g


This organic decaffeinated espresso is extremely rich, possibly the richest of all espressos. Nutty with deep notes of cinnamon, all wrapped in a luscious, creamy body. You won’t believe the crema on this one, and you might even forget it’s decaf.


An exceptionally crafted blend of fair trade Indonesian, African, Central American, and South American coffees. All components blend together to create a beautiful espresso when served on its own; there is also a particular depth to this blend that harmonizes especially well with milk.



This bean goes through an environment-friendly Swiss Water® Process, the gold standard of decaf. Ensuring that the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics are maintained, Swiss Water® Process is decaffeinated coffee without compromise. Using water from the pristine coast mountain environment of British Columbia, Canada, the caffeine is gently removed until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, undergoing regular caffeine level audits to ensure 99.9% caffeine-free compliance.