Organic House Espresso


Organic House Espresso

walnut - molasses - toasted marshmallow

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 REGION:  Global     FARM:  Various     FARMER:  Various     VARIETAL:  Various

ALTITUDE:  Various     ROAST:  Medium | Dark

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 20 g (double) Temperature: 201°F [94°C]
Time: 24-26 seconds Out: 36 g


When you have numerous exceptional organic coffees at your fingertips, the possibilities that open up while crafting a delicious espresso is a roaster’s dream. An exceptional blend of organic Indonesian, African, Central American, and South American coffees.


With notes of walnut, molasses, and toasted marshmallow, this espresso has a great taste and clean finish.

Note: Honored by Ladies’ Journal as their favorite