Decaf Espresso


Decaf Espresso

chocolate - dried fruit - rich

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REGION:  Global     FARM:  Various     FARMER:  Various     VARIETAL:  Various
ALTITUDE:  Various     ROAST:  Medium | Dark 

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 20 g (double) Temperature: 201°F [94°C]
Time: 24-26 seconds Out: 36 g


Our decaffeinated version of Klatch House Espresso: the hallmark of a chocolate body and dried fruit finish with tons of crema. This rich, syrupy sweet chocolate espresso blend has been a competition winner, time and time again—even playing a role in Heather Perry’s U.S. Barista Championship win. A five bean blend of renowned Indonesian and American Coffees, our Decaf House Espresso will change how you think about decaf.


This bean goes through an environment-friendly Swiss Water® Process, the gold standard of decaf. Ensuring that the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics are maintained, Swiss Water® Process is decaffeinated coffee without compromise. Using water from the pristine coast mountain environment of British Columbia, Canada, the caffeine is gently removed until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, undergoing regular caffeine level audits to ensure 99.9% caffeine-free compliance.