Panama Elida ASD Natural Catuai


Panama Elida ASD Natural Catuai

Monday Roast
candied tangerine - blueberry - raspberry jam

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*Monday ROAST. This coffee is only ROASTED on Mondays. 

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 REGION:  Alto Quiel     FARM:  Elida Estate     FARMERS:  Lamastus Family
ALTITUDE:  1850 M     VARIETAL:   Catuai     PROCESS:  Natural ASD     ROAST:  Medium

Starting with a flavor of candied tangerineblueberry and raspberry jam. With other flavor notes of blackberry and chocolate. From the same farm and same process of 2021's record breaking auction coffee that sold for $4,100 a pound. This farm and process was also the award-winning coffee in 2019.  Producers Wilford Lamastus and Wilford Jr are always looking to improve the taste of their award-winning crops. 

ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry) involves fermenting the cherries for 144 hours in sealed tanks. Substantial alteration to the end profile is thought to be due to the types of microbes that survive and participate in the low oxygen environment - which results in a unique end profile. Learn more...>>

The unique conditions at which Elida coffee grows can be listed as follows: High elevation, rich volcanic soils, unique microclimate, low temperatures, microorganism beneficial to coffee, unique coffee yeasts, fungi, fog and mist during the dry season.

About half of the Elida Estate farm is located within the Volcan Baru National Park, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds, butterflies and mammals (like the tropical tiger). The Baru Volcano is one of the highest volcanoes in Central America, at 3,475m, with an area of 14,000ha and 7 different climate zones, depending on the altitude. Elida’s terroir is enriched by all the natural qualities from the National Park. Growing coffee plants surrounded by these wonderful natural attributes at elevations ranging from 1670 up to 2060+masl.
Coffee quality is directly related to the elevation where the coffee is grown - it has to be just right - the higher the elevation the better, but if it is too high - cold temperatures below 10C/50F for long periods- will not produce.
The Lamastus Family Estates is a coffee company founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918 and the continued by his son Thatcher. The Lamastus Family Estates comprises three coffee plantations in the Panamanian Highlands. Elida Estate is the original farm founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918, El Burro Estate originally owned by Amado Boutet (Thatcher's father in-law), and Luito Geisha founded by Luito Lamastus in 2014 (Thatcher’s son). All the farms are located in, with very different terroirs, within the Panamanian highland territories. Each farm, because of its location, is very unique due to the microclimates and microorganisms surrounding each coffee plantation.