Winter Blend

Ethiopia + El Salvador + Kenya

Winter Blend

cozy - warm - joy

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 REGION: Guji + Kirinyaga + Cerro El Tigre      FARM: Guji Smallholder Farms + Kibirigwi Farmers + Finca Las Mercedes      
 Guji Uraga Washing Station + Kibirigwi CoOp + Lucia Abregado De Ortiz     
 Kurume + Pacamara + SL28 + Bourbon    ALTITUDE: 1935 M + 1560 M  + 2500 M   PROCESS: Natural Anaerobic Oro Yeast + Washed    ROAST: Medium

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The Ethiopian Natural adds a little cranberry, cherry, chocolate and body. Our Pacamara and Kenya Washed beans add balanced brightness, citrus and forest flavors.
Did you know our Kenya received 94 points from Coffee Review?
Or Mike discovered this Ethiopian ASD natural on his last trip to Africa?
The 2nd of our Season Blends: Winter Blend. Cozy Comforting and Warmth in a cup. 



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