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Green-Unroasted Organic Sumatra Gayo Mandiri Gr1


Green-Unroasted Organic Sumatra Gayo Mandiri Gr1

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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REGION:  Bener Meriah Regency      FARM:  Gayo Mandiri Cooperative    FARMER:  KSU Gayo Mandiri      ALTITUDE: 1200-1350 M     VARIETAL:  Bourbon     PROCESS: Wet Hulled





A perfect example of a unique bourbon varietal. This fair trade Organic blend offers sweet, smooth and robust flavors of bell pepper, cedar and cacao nibs. The fragrance is closely associate with Sumatra and also garden vegetable. 


Wet hulling, or giling basah, is the traditional method used in Indonesia. And although both the name and the method are very similar to wet processing, the cup characteristics are incredibly different. Further information


SUMATRA FTO BENER MERIAH GAYO MANDIRI MANDHELING GRADE 1 is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the KSU Gayo Mandiri cooperative located in the Bener Meriah regency within the Aceh district, on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. KSU Gayo Mandiri was founded in 2008 and currently has 1218 members. On average, producers cultivate coffee on 2.5 acres of land using their own micro-mills to de-pulp and dry coffee. The cooperative hosts regular trainings on best agricultural practices to assist small producers with their organic certification while improving the quality of their coffee. KSU Gayo Mandiri also invest premiums generated from certifications in roads to help producers overcome problems transporting their coffee. The cooperative also recently



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