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Green-Unroasted FTO Sumatra Mandheling - Klatch Coffee Roasting


Green-Unroasted FTO Sumatra Mandheling

Green-Unroasted Coffee Beans

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 REGION:  Bener Meriah      FARM:  Various     FARMER: Various     ALTITUDE: 1200-1400 M     VARIETAL:  Mandheling      PROCESS: Wet-Hulled




Roasted flavor notes: This fair trade Organic blend offers sweet, smooth and robust flavors of bell pepper, cedar and cacao nibs. 

Cooperative KSU Buana Mandiri established in 2014. 
They are located in Bener Meriah region, Aceh province - Gayo highland. 
Currently they have about 1,300 members/farmers with total coffee area about 1,400 Ha. 
All of the members are located in Bener Meriah region with elevation range 1200 to 1400 m above sea level.
The Co-op now has their own dry mill located in Bener Meriah ( Latitude : 4,74788889 Longitude 96,91116667).


Co-op KSU Buana Mandiri is a motivated and relatively new Co-op. They just started in 2017 and most of the Board of members are still young men. 

They are still trying their best to implement their short term programs to their members and farmers, which is focusing on sustainable farming. These last 2 years, they distributed weed controller, personal protective equipment, seedling of coffee and shade trees. 


The varietal stems from old Dutch time (Typica). It is now more local variety invented by Indonesian Coffee & Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI0 in Jember, Esat java or their branch in Aceh like Catimor, Ateng Red Top, Ateng Green Top, Timtim, Sigararutang; all new varieties which are more resistant for Indonesian climate. These varieties are now spread out and planted in other producing areas in Indonesia as well.



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