Ethiopia Natural Anaerobic Oro Yeast


Ethiopia Natural Anaerobic Oro Yeast

chocolate - blackberry - zinfandel

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   REGION:  Guji    FARM:  Smallholder Farms     FARMER:  Guji Uraga Washing Station     ALTITUDE:  1935 M     VARIETAL:  Kurume      PROCESS:  Anaerobic Oro Yeast      ROAST:  Medium | Light


This Natural Anaerobic Ethiopian has sweet chocolate and strawberry notes for its aroma. The cup highlight flavors of chocolate, blackberry and zinfandel. In addition, this flavorful cup has stone fruit candied flavors of plum and apricot. You will taste the milk chocolate transition to a dark chocolate and caramel finish. As this Ethiopia cools, you will notice a touch of citrus spritzer flavor to brighten this cup.


Our Ethiopia Natural Anaerobic Oro Yeast special processes is a Direct Trade Lot  introduced to our green buyer Mike Perry on his trip to Ethiopia in January by our contact and former Klatch member Rahel who returned to her homeland to source these types of special lots for Klatch. This is the 1st of 5 lots we will be introducing to the US market. Thank you Rahel.


Anaerobic Fermentation

Oro yeast is a specific yeast type developed for use in coffee processing. Ripe cherry deliveries from smallholder contributing producers are first sorted by hand. The best cherries are then placed into Grain Pro bags with an added mixture of brewed yeast. The bags are sealed and as the fermentation of the coffee and yeast begins it produces CO2, creating an anaerobic environment in the bag. After 72 hours of fermentation the cherries are removed from the bag and moved to dry on raised beds for 2–3 weeks until they reach their target humidity. Coffee from Guji Uraga washing station is milled and prepped for export at Tracon Trading’s facility in Addis Ababa. There, coffee passes through several stages of manual and mechanical sorting.


Farm and Bean Information 

This amazing Ethiopia coffee comes from the Guji Uraga washing station, located in the Uraga district of the Guji zone in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The woreda, or district, of Uraga is bordered on the south by Odo Shakiso, on the west by the Borena Zone, on the north by the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, and on the east by Bore. The washing station is located in the kebele (or village) of Solomo, where the washing station has 12 standardized washing tanks, more than 280 drying beds, and 5.2 hectares planted with coffee at 1935 meters. The soil is fertile and red/brown in color, and coffee plants are shaded by Cordia Africana, Acacia, and Enset trees. The kebele averages 11.4–25.6° C, and receives around 1525 ml of yearly rainfall. Kurume is a smaller-size landrace variety found in Ethiopia. 



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