Intro to Coffee

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The Intro to Coffee course is a three-part course that covers Brewing Foundations, Sensory Skills and Barista Foundation.

Learn the practical skills you need through this hands-on training course. You'll learn:

  • About the variety of methods for brewing coffee
  • The brewing variables that affect quality
  • Grind profiles, measuring coffee strength
  • Charting coffee's extraction
  • Sensory skills in perceiving what we taste
  • How to evaluate coffee's natural characteristics
  • Implementing sensory skills in business

Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM

Brewing - Foundations Level (Day 1)

Sensory Skills (Day 2)   

Barista Skills Foundations (Day 3)

Testing: All testing will take place after 4 pm at the end of class. Testing is recommended for those who have 3-6 month experience as a barista.

Klatch Coffee Roastery & Training Lab is an SCA Certified Campus and all SCA courses are taught by ASTs (Certified Trainers). Learn more about accreditation.

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