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Golden Bean Espresso

berry - cherry - chocolate

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The 2018 Golden Bean winner offers intense flavor of berry, cherry, and with a chocolate finish. This award winning blend has our Panama Elida Natural and Ethiopia Natural.


This past week (September 18-21, 2018) I was in Portland for Golden Bean North America.  If you are not familiar with Golden Bean it is the world’s largest coffee roasting competition.  This was the 4th year in North America with over 900 coffees entered; with the competition starting in Australia with about 2000 coffees. Besides the obvious networking with friends and roasters from all over the US and Canada, the most fun thing is that we the roasters are the judges. It was so exciting to see what others were doing that it had me wishing some of the coffees were mine! As far as the awards go, there are 10 categories total, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals given in each one. The best award given out is the coveted Golden Bean; you must enter Espresso, Milk and Pour Over in either the open category or Franchise/Chain category. With the Franchise/Chain category needing a requirement of at least 3 stores to qualify (that means us!). And of course when we were not tasting or judging there were seminars of all types to help businesses like ours gain inside information in the coffee world.



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