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Organic Guatemala La Voz Atitlan

grape - apple - cocoa

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 REGION: Atitlan     FARM: Cooperative La Voz que Clama en el Desierto    FARMER: Co Op
VARIETAL: Typica | Bourbon     ALTITUDE: 1300 -1500 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium


This organic coffee from Guatemala offers a green grape flavor and creamy cocoa body with a sweet and bright acidity. One unique flavor that it has is grapple. What is a grapple? It is a Fuji or Gala apple that has been soaked in grape flavor concentration that makes the apple's flesh taste like a Concord grape. Grapples are typically a fall fruit, but at Klatch, they are in season in our Organic Guatemala La Voz Atitlan. 

Cooperative La Voz que Clama en el Desierto (The Voice that Cries out in the Desert) is located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala and named for its picturesque volcanoes and beautiful lake. Grown in fertile volcanic soils by a small farmer cooperative rich in Indian tradition, La Voz has been certified Organic since 1992.

The Guatemalan highlands produce some of the best and most distinctively flavored coffees in the world.  La Voz's Arabica trees are cultivated under a rich shade tree canopy that includes many trees native to the region.  This canopy provides a home to a diversity of migratory bird species.

La Voz is a cooperatively managed farmer group with roughly 161 members, of which 61 are women who sort coffee cherries when coffee is delivered.

The associate farmers produce coffee on small plots of land (1-2 hectares each) that are individually owned and maintained. Ripened coffee is harvested by family members and other coop associates. Sacks of coffee cherries are manually carried to the communal wet processing mill where La Voz's management oversees the depulping, fermentation and patio drying. Their fermentation tanks have recently been tiled. La Voz takes great pride in its ability to control quality and deliver its coffee to North America on a consistent and reliable basis.

They are currently working with Cafe Cafe, a health foundation from Italy that focuses on health for the community and their members.





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