Guatemala Cascara Tea


Guatemala Cascara Tea

cherry - orange - tamarind

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 REGION:  Antigua     FARM:  Finca Bella Vista     FARMER:  Luis Pedro Zelaya Aguirre
VARIETAL:  Various     ALTITUDE:  1500 - 1800 M


Our Guatemala Cascara (coffee cherry) Tea offers a sweet fusion of tropical fruits, cherry and syrup. Flavor notes of cherry, citrus orange and tamarind.

Bella Vista was bought in 1995. Initially it was conformed by 45 hectares of coffee plantation. Through the years the farm has bought more land and it has now 78 hectares in total. The new areas have been planted with Villa Sarchí, Geisha and Java. Java gathers 1.5 hectares of land. We are constantly in the lookout for new offerings to satisfy our clients’ needs. So planting different varieties and offering new products helps us add value to the relationship we have already built.

The farm agricultural management includes tissue management (pruning and suckering), plant nutrition (soil and foliar analysis), pest and disease prevention and strict shade management, same as strict cherry sorting when we are in harvest season. We make three or four rounds of harvesting, and try to separate as much as we can per varieties, day lots, altitudes if possible. This is how we are able to offer you a specific lot of Java cascara. After reaping the cherries, the coffee is taken to Bella Vista for wet and dry mill. Coffee is separated by lots (day of picking, variety, altitude). Then it goes through the whole process of depulping, fermentation, washing and the drying process. For cascara, the coffee is washed with clean water and de-pulped in a separated de-pulper, then the cascara is rinsed and then it is taken to the greenhouse to be dried in our raise beds. Once the cascara is dried, it is hand-sorted by our lovely ladies here at the mill. It is a rigorous process, but this is how we assure the best quality in this new product.

The Toddy brewer is also ideal for making tea - served hot or over ice.