Cornucopia Seasonal Fall Espresso


Cornucopia Seasonal Fall Espresso

black currant - maple - plum

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 REGION: Shakiso | East Guji + Huila + Jutiapa      FARM: Kayon Mountain Farm + Finca El Cielo + Jutiapa Small Co-Op Farm      FARMER: Ismael Hassen Aredo & Family + Jutiapa Small Co-Op Farm + Angelo Sosa     
 Heriloom + Tabi + Catuai | Caturra | Pache     ALTITUDE: 2000 M +2100 M + 1450 M + 1560 M     PROCESS: Natural      ROAST: Medium - Light

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 19 grams (double) Temperature: 201 degrees
Time: 22-26 seconds Volume: 1.7-2.0 oz


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Fall is a heart warming season to us at Klatch, we think of baking for Thanksgiving. The perfect Fall Thanksgiving blend with prominent notes of black currant, maple and plum! This is an all Natural Blend made from Organic Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural, Colombia Huila El Cielo Tabi Natural, and Guatemala Las Flores Natural. This shot releases an abundance of apricot, peach, cranberry, black currant, fig, blackberry, plum, black cherry, maple and cocoa. Truly a cornucopia abundance of flavors.

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