Colombia El Paraiso Auction Lot


Colombia El Paraiso Auction Lot

Monday Roast March 8th
floral - cocoa mint - lemon-lime

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Monday Roast March 8th
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 REGION: Cauca    FARM:  El Paraiso    FARMER:  Diego Samuel Bermudez T.   VARIETAL: Caturra | Castillo      ALTITUDE: 1920 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium | Light



Wow! Boasting unique flavor notes of floral, cocoa mint, and citrus of lemon-lime. It's got a unique exoticness to it.


Coffee producer Diego is proud to produce this crop as it was a top winner in the Colombia Land of Diversity Auction. His coffee was just one of 1,610 that participated in 4 grueling cupping rounds. Judged by 57 judges from around the world, it was judged based on balance, acidity, body, softness and exoticness. Our very own Greenbuyer/Roastmaster, Mike Perry, was one of the lucky judges who participated. He recalls Diego's coffee and marked it as a standout which he would consider bringing to market. When the opportunity came, he jumped!




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