Colombia Dario Flores Micro Lot


Colombia Dario Flores Micro Lot

hibiscus - passion fruit - papaya

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 REGION: Huila  FARM:  Los Pinos    FARMER:  Dario Flores   VARIETAL: Caturra     ALTITUDE: 1650 M
PROCESS: Washed     ROAST: Medium | Light  


You might not get to travel to a tropical island but you will taste it from our Colombian Dario Flores. With Hibiscus fragrance on the nose, you will be surprised to also taste it! Followed by passion fruit with a finishing note of strawberry papaya. Strawberry papaya or sunrise papaya, is a hybrid variety from Hawaii, it comes off as clean and just the perfect sweetness.


Dario is member of Asprofech: ASPROFECH is the Association of Christian Producers of Specialty Coffee from Eastern Cauca, representing over 60 families from the township of San Luis, in the county of Paez (Belalcazar), known as a part of Tierradentro Archeological Reserve together with the county of Inza located in the Northeast of Cauca Department, Central Cordillera. This geographical proximity to one of Huila’s main cities for the coffee trade has opened vast possibilities for ASPROFECH producers in terms of better prices offered for their coffee, but at the same time created obstacles for direct trade benefits, as their coffee must compete with coffee from Huila’s Northwest highlands. Producers would travel to La Plata to sell their harvest, and, while they received better prices than if they sold to local merchants, their coffee was frequently blended with Huila’s crop to be sold in bulk with minor traceability. ASPROFECH was born as an economic alternative to improve the income of coffee growers through technology and the search for new clients. Several producers noticed that the coffee they produced was very well received at the purchase point in La Plata and many times the buyers offered them slightly more money than other producers. Curious, several of the now-members started to investigate and discovered that their coffee had special characteristics, that its flavor and aroma were different and for this reason the commercializers were able to earn more money for it than they paid the producer.



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