The World's Most Expensive Cup of Joe!

A “cup of joe,” is one of coffee’s most common nicknames of coffee and first started appearing in print in the 1930s, with the first occurrence of it in a book coming in 1936.  Here is one theory...

Java + Mocha = Joe

Linguists sometimes argue that "Joe," could be a shortened version of "Jamoke." Jamoke, which was a combination of mocha and java in the 1930's. (Coffee drinkers today will still be familiar with mocha java.) Jamoke could have been shortened simply to “joe,” a process that many slang terms go through.


With the Elida Geisha Natural winning Best of Panama this year we've seen the demand for this specialty coffee has grown; becoming main stream.  The Gesha originated in the Gesha village in Ethiopia; sometimes referred to as Geisha, it's a variety of coffee with a very aromatic, with a fruity and floral taste.  It was imported from Costa Rica to Panama in the Boquete region were it was discovered to have a refined body and flavor.  Blooming and producing half the average coffee beans making this varietal unique.





What is the Elida Experience?

The Elida Experience is an opportunity to enjoy the World’s Most Expensive coffee, the Elida Geisha Natural which won First Place in the most recent Best of Panama coffee competition.  This coffee set a world record price of $803 per pound.  Klatch Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer Mike Perry was on the International Judging Jury and purchased this world record coffee at the auction.  Learn about the Elida Estate, farmer Wilford Lamastus, the Geisha coffee varietal and natural process.

What's so unique about the Elida Geisha Natural?

This is the exact Elida Geisha Natural lot that won first place and set a world record price of $803 per pound at the Best of Panama coffee competition. There were only 100 lbs. for the world. Most went to Japan, China and Taiwan while Klatch Coffee secured the only Elida Geisha Natural for all of North America. Geisha is a rare variety of Arabica coffee that came to Panama from a research lab in Costa Rica but has its origins in Ethiopia.  It is known for its floral, tea like and stone fruit flavors with Jasmine, Bergamot, Sugar Cane and Stone Fruit (peach or apricot) being common flavor notes. Natural describes the processing where the cherry is dried fruit on for many weeks, imparting mixed fruit notes like strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry.


We hope you get the chance to try unique coffees. If you haven't already check out our single origin offerings

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