SCA Wrap UP!

This past weekend the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) held their annual convention in Seattle.  The ‘Event’ was the biggest in the history of Specialty Coffee with final attendance near 15,000 people from all over the world.  Hosting this year was the country of Kenya, featuring everyone from coffee producers to equipment companies to roasters and allied goods. However, the jewel of the 3-day event was the crowning of new US Coffee Champions. And the star coffee varietal was no surprise….. Geisha!  

This meant the end of Klatch’s own Todd Goldsworthy’s reign as US Brewers Cup Champion.  It was a great year for Todd; he traveled to Ireland finishing 5th in the world, visited Panama where he selected his coffee, and won a trip to Brazil as the US Champion. Most importantly Todd represented the craft of manual brewing, as only a champion can. But on Sunday Todd announced and handed over the crown to this year’s champion Dylan Siemens of Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas. In the Barista competition where our own Heather Perry is a two-time champion, the winner was Kyle Ramage of equipment maker Mahlkonig USA. Other champions and my favorite competitions went to Mark Michaelson in Roasting and Steve Cuevas in tasting. Congrats to all!


Jessica Rodriguez of Klatch Coffee competed in her first US competition. She advanced to the US championships finishing 3rd in one of two qualifying events. Jessica represented well in Seattle, and advanced to the finals where she finished 4th in the United States.


She told the story of the farmer, the roaster, and herself each doing their part to produce a great cup. She leaned upon her background as a baker to combine a Washed Colombian Geisha from Finca Obraje with a Natural Panama Geisha from Hacienda Esmeralda for a balanced and sweet cup. It featured the aroma of tea rose, honey and chocolate strawberries; producing flavors of mandarin orange, blackberries, and sugar cane in the cup. The acidity of tangerine and nectarine with a silky to juicy body, and after taste of sweet and floral honeydew. It was a killer cup that Klatch is releasing for a
limited-time-special here.

Congrats to Jessica and all the new champions for an exciting weekend.

– Mike

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