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by Emily L.  November 15, 2021

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Monday, November 15, 2021

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Internationally renowned, award-winning specialty coffee roaster Klatch coffee has landed in Japan. Featured at multiple Japanese exhibitions and retailers, Klatch continues to compete on the world stage.

SCAJ 2021
Klatch coffee will be featured at the 2021 SCAJ exhibition in Japan—the largest specialty coffee event in Asia. The SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition will take place November 17-19. With the theme of “Connecting to a Sustainable Future”, Klatch is honored to branch out into such a competitive and high quality coffee market such as Japan.

Image courtesy of SCAJ

HCJ 2022
In the Spring, Klatch is excited to announce that they will be represented at HCJ 2022, the 50th Annual International Hotel Restaurant Show, which runs from February 15-18. It is Japan’s largest exhibition for hospitality, hotels, and restaurants, with 24,196 attendees last year.

Pop-up at LOFT Ginza
Last month, October 16-31, Klatch was featured for a pop-up launch at leading Japanese household goods specialty store, LOFT, at the Ginza location.

CEO Heather Perry selected award-winning coffees such as World’s Best Espresso and crowd favorites such as Crazy Goat to feature at LOFT, alongside merchandise and take-out drinks.

Here’s a video from the event, courtesy of LOFT Ginza (IG: @loft_ginza)

This event was featured by kokosil Ginza and PR TIMES.

Klatch coffee is currently available at two LOFT locations.

Klatch Coffee at The World Food and Beverage Great Expo
Earlier this year, April 21-23, Klatch Coffee in Japan took part in The World Food and Beverage Great Expo (FABEX), one of the largest trade fairs in Japan.

The gathering drew 200 exhibitors, with close to 17,000 visitors. Top sellers included WBC World’s Best Espresso and Crazy Goat, followed by French Roast.

Photos from the event are courtesy of Klatch Coffee Japan (IG: @klatchcoffeejapan)

Klatch is grateful for the opportunity to partner with LOFT Ginza and with The World Food and Beverage Great Expo.

Klatch continues to expand, also featured at TAKASHIMAYA, a high end department store. Klatch coffee is featured at the Yokohama store, the 6th largest department store in Japan.

Klatch is also featured at TOKYU HANDS, a Japanese department and creative life store prized for its uniqueness. Klatch coffee is displayed at the Nagoya branch.If you find yourself in Japan, don’t miss out. Klatch is honored to have the opportunity to work with so many renown exhibitions and retailers.

About Klatch Coffee
For more than 28 years, Klatch Coffee has been serving award-winning coffee alongside great conversation. Like everything at Klatch Coffee, our name is a family story. One side of our family is from the Netherlands, where klatch means “coffee and conversation.”Based in Los Angeles, this family business started out as a single retail store, born of a love for great coffee. Over the years, our business has expanded into more than 7 retail locations. We’ve evolved into a global wholesale roaster, with our coffee featured daily on three continents.

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