Klatch Past and Future

Klatch: Past and Future

Typically, this time of year we like to look back at the year past, learning from our success and failures, yes failures, those do happen, fortunately in experiments and testing before getting to our customers.  When things go right it is expected and normal, but we actually learn more from our failures.  For purposes of this article, we will focus on the positive. We also like to look forward and plan what we want to do in the future. This year is no different but a lot more exciting looking forward as 2018 will mark our Silver Anniversary of 25 years in business.  First a look back.



2017 featured a few historic milestones.  First, we won our 3rd Golden Bean in as many years as well as the gold medal for the top espresso among all multi-store roasters.  This is huge and a compliment to our entire team from the grower Wilford Lamastus of Elida Estate to our roasting team and our barista team who all helped us fine-tune and develop this year’s Golden Bean Blend.  Second, we were part of a team of roasters from around the world who purchased the World Record Esmeralda 601 and were the only roaster to bring this coffee to the U.S. and North America.  This coffee not only set a world record for the highest price at auction, but also the best as the highest score at this year’s and any year’s ‘Best of Panama’ auction, and occurred on the 50th Anniversary of Hacienda Esmeralda. 

But we also celebrated with so many other achievements.  We started in January when we won at the Good Food awards for our Ethiopian Gedeb.  This was our 2nd Good Foods award in a row and 3rd overall.  We finished the year in December by representing the US at the World Roasting Championships where we finished 3rd in the World (hopefully pictures soon).  In between, our lab was certified and we now offer SCA certified classes in addition to our private and group classes with Heather and our team.  And speaking of our Team, Jessica made the finals of the U.S  Brewers Cup in April and later in the year two of our team, Jenn Hwang, and Jen McElroy advanced to the 2018 US Championships in Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters with strong performances in Reno in November. And let’s not forget the $10,000 that was raised and donated to the Salvation Army specifically to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston.  I could also go on about our awards over the years but will save that for another time, let’s look ahead.



Opening in 1993, this year marks our 25th year in business and we plan to celebrate with great coffees and special events all year long.  On January 20th we will have our Last Sip of the Esmeralda 601 here at the Roastery.  Talk about kicking the year off with a great coffee, we could not be more excited to taste this one final time.  And best of all, we are having a contest on social media starting Jan 2nd to give away two free tickets.  In January, we are also introducing several new coffees from Lucia Ortiz of Las Mercedes, her always sweet Pacamara Washed and an exclusive offering to Subscription for January; previous 94 point Pacamara Honey.  Also from El Salvador, we have a Single Origin Espresso, the Las Nubes Black Honey newly released.  We also concluded our 3rd year of Roasters United in Colombia and will be featuring a few new micro lots along with the winning blend.  From Guatemala, we will be releasing our ever-popular Covadonga and a special Hunapu micro lot.  We have many more coffees and events planned all year long that we will be announced as they get closer so stay tuned for updates…..


- Mike

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