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Klatch Coffee at the United States Coffee Championships 2019

Klatch Coffee at the United States Coffee Championships
March 18th, 2019

 US COFFEE CHAMPS 2019US Coffee Championships Photo


This past weekend the Specialty Coffee World took to Kansas City as the United States Coffee Championships (USCC) hosted five different coffee competitions including Roasting, Tasting, Brewing, Barista and Coffee in Spirits, with women winning 4 of 5 titles. 


Southern California was represented by Klatch Coffee Roasters, with two female competitors.  This comes as no surprise as Klatch is also the home of Heather Perry, current President of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), and herself a two-time US Barista champion. 



“The competitions were fun, fierce, and educational as well. Women really stepped up, as did our two Klatch members Jen McElroy and Jenn Hwang” said Mike Perry, Klatch Coffee CEO. Jen McElroy was the only woman to compete in Coffee in Good Spirits, where she served two drinks featuring one coffee (Klatch Colombia Alto Bonito Red Honey) and one Whiskey (Redemption Rye).  In the end, Matt Foster from Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co, in St. Louis, MO. A big congrats to Matt.


In the US Brewer’s Cup Championship event, Jenn Hwang from Klatch finished 5th overall. The Brewer’s Cup has two aspects – a compulsory (blind coffee) and an open service. In both the rounds, Jenn took the first spot in the open service. She dominated the open service with a very emotional presentation and an eloquent service. In the compulsory part, Jenn did not score as well. In the end, the two scores were averaged out. Her knowledge of the Geisha she served in open service really had a lasting impact on the judges’ scoring.


The coffee Jenn served is the Finca La Maria Geisha, she describes it as a “Constant blooming requires constant work. The producers, Maria and Orlando Ospina and their team, love what they do, and their labor of love produces amazing coffee. Together, the Ospinas and their team, are not only growing coffee, they are growing a community. This coffee is a unique combination of weather, work and love.”


She goes on to describe the experience of tasting the La Maria Geisha by saying “This coffee is so complex, here are flavors of what to expect throughout your drinking experience. For aroma, it has coffee blossom, blackberry, raspberry, and a hint of spice. Finca La Maria has flavor notes of coffee blossom, raspberry, black tea, apricot, nectarine, and a floral quality throughout the cup. For the aftertaste, you will have lingering flavors of raspberry, sugar cane, and coffee blossom. I will be highlighting certain flavors at certain stages from hot, warm to cold. First, the citrus acidities are changing throughout the temperature; you will have tart tangerine that will become a pink grapefruit finally transitions to a sweet Meyer lemon. This coffee has an amazing mouth-feel that changes throughout the drinking experience! The body will first start off silky, it will become creamy when it’s warm and then it will become juicy when cold. This is a coffee to remember!” 



Many have been asking if the experience of La Maria Geisha will be shared with others. According to VP Heather Perry, “Klatch will be serving the La Maria in our stores starting this weekend”.  Heather added, “While Klatch has a limited supply of this remarkable Geisha and it is not yet offering online, stay tuned for more news.”


In other competitions, Shelby Williamson, Huckleberry Roasters, Denver, Colorado became the first woman to win the male dominated Roasters Competition, Jen Apodaca, Royal Coffee, Oakland, California won the tasters competition and Samantha Spillman, Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Seattle, Washington won the Barista Competition.  All winners will represent the United States at the upcoming World Championships being held in Boston or Berlin depending on the competition.  Congrats and good luck to all.


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