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Klatch at Coffee Con

Last weekend Klatch had the pleasure of being at Coffee Con.  Coffee Con is a unique event because unlike most coffee shows, this one is designed for the consumer.  This is our third year at Coffee Con, and I’m amazed at how much it continues to grow.  It is a combination of roasters and retailers introducing new products and coffees for people to try and play with.  If you came by the Klatch booth you got to try some great coffees, including the favorite from the weekend which was our new Ecuador Sidra.  We had a collection of a dozen of our baristas brewing on a chemex over the weekend and people really enjoyed the sweetness and balance that the Sidra offered. 

One of the most popular pieces of CoffeeCon are the classes. Maybe lectures is a better description, because these rooms have anywhere from 50-300 people. It was a great event and each day I did an hour spot on latte art. Now typically, when I teach latte art it is small and hands on.  I knew had to approach this differently, and the attendees seemed to find the results very valuable, so I thought I would take what I did there and do a 5 part series on latte art.  And at the end of this, I want you to submit videos of your pours.  We’ll do a final part of this serious when we troubleshoot your videos based on the learning from this training.

When many people take on the task of learning latte art, it usually consists of watching some youtube videos, and then pouring milk into espresso and seeing what happens, and that is a terrible approach.  Latte Art involves technique, and without intentionality in your pour, you may as well be poring that milk down the drain instead if into espresso, because the results will be the same. 

So starting next week we’ll begin my five part latte art series, starting with milk.  Because ultimately, latte art is about the milk.  And if you don’t have good milk, don’t even bother pouring. 



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