Jessica & Alex's Adventures in Guatemala

Jessica Rodriguez and Alex Arocha do what they do best...make delicious coffee at Bella Vista, Guatemala, 2016

No matter how much others tell you about how an experience will be, you can never be fully prepared for it until you get to experience it for yourself.  Robb, christina, missy and Jen all gave me such helpful tips and advice on what to expect and what to do once I arrived in Guatemala which I was so grateful for.  

I would not call myself an experienced traveler since I have only been to a handful of different states and being submerged into a foreign country for the first time was equally overwhelming and exciting. Add the little detail that I dont speak Spanish, well that just makes it more exciting right? Little did I know that it would only take 6 short days for me to fall in love with the city of Antigua and if possible, even more in love with the wonderful world of coffee.

Here are some images take from the trip. Feel free to scroll and check out some the beautiful scenery and amazing people from Bella Vista farm.

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