GEN BREWING wins America's Best Cold Brew Nitro at Coffee Fest using Klatch Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Sakaro


Start with your favorite Klatch beans, add water, win $1000.  According to Hektor it wasn't that actually easy.  First, Hektor (Gen Brewing) had to cup through dozens of Klatch Coffee's to pick his favorite.  It was during this time he was blown away by the crazy peach found in the Ethiopia Sakaro.  Next he experimented with trial and error to come up with the perfect cold brew process.  For Hektor this was the fun part because he loves to experiment tweak and taste.  After many experiments he settled on an 8 hour extraction he was excited to serve.  At the competition Hektor won his first match on Sunday and his second on Monday.  The coffee was tasting great, but unfortunately more people wanted his cold brew then he had made and he ran out.  So Monday night, Hektor with the help of his girlfriend Jenn (4th Place in U.S. Brewer Cup - 2018) went to work creating another batch.  He spent all night brewing and only slept half an hour.  On Tuesday he returned for the Finals where instead of going head to head with one competitor it was the Final 4!  Exhausted, Hektor and Jenn served every person, then waited for the results to be announced.  When they announced the winner the hard work and long night paid-off as Hektor, Jenn, and Klatch Sakaro were announced the winner. Hektor was thrilled for the award and recognition, then joyfully surprised of the $1000 cash prize that he wasn't aware of.  

Congrats to Hektor and Jenn!!


Congratulations!! 1st Place Winners Hektor (Gen Brewing) and Jenn (our own Jenn) using Klatch Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Sakaro.


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