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Where to find the most expensive coffee in the U.S.: Rancho Cucamonga
Liset Marquez
Want to know what some of the world’s most expensive coffee tastes like?

Starting next month, Klatch Coffee customers can pay $55 to sip eight ounces of a rare coffee known as Esmeralda Geisha 601.

Making it the most expensive coffee in the U.S. That title was previously held by an $18 cup of java.

The coffee estate Hacienda La Esmeralda set a record when its Esmeralda Geisha coffee sold for $601 a pound earlier this summer. The same farm broke the previous sale record of $350 per pound.

The coffee received high scores at the Best of Panama Competition this summer. It also placed first in the Exotic Naturals category.

“It’s just a phenomenal variety,” said Klatch Coffee Owner Mike Perry who was one of the international judges at the competition. “On the final day (of judging), we were doing a tasting of all these Geishas and there was just one that was on the table that was so powerful and so explosive, the fruit flavors were just wild.”

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