Coffee Fest 2019 Los Angeles

What a great time we had visiting so many friends and customers at Coffee Fest this past week. With the show now running together with the Western Foodservice Show, we are also meeting tons of new chefs and restaurants who want to improve the quality of their coffee.
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A few highlights:

Klatch exhibited as a vendor with a bigger, better booth.   booth at coffee fest

Cold Brew, Nitro and our Cap on top were the most requested and sampled out.  While Cold Brew has been around a few years now, the momentum keeps building and growing. As for the Nitro, we introduced our new Seasonal blend of both Ethiopian washed Bedhatu and Ethiopian natural Chelelektu (more about that later). For those wanting hot coffee, we featured two of our current favorites: Guatemalan Conception and Ethiopia washed Bedhatu.  We switched back and forth depending on who was brewing with Mike brewing the Ethiopian, while Holly and Eli loved the Guatemalan. Eli was just one of our barista and managers who came by to donate their time and have fun. A big thanks to all our team including Jenn, Tina, Chris, Eli, Jorge, Alyssa, Teresa, Daniel, Robin, Mathew, Mark, Heather, Holly, Todd, and any I forgot to mention.


America’s Best Cold Brew competition

holly toddaward cold brew
I mentioned we have a new Seasonal Nitro of Ethiopian washed Bedhatu and Ethiopian natural Chelelektu. This was loved by Judges and the public alike as we won on Sunday and Monday to make the finals where we finished 3rd.  Congrats to our own Hector and Jenn who finished 2nd with Klatch La Maria Geisha, it was delicious.
For those wanting to try our Seasonal Blend we will be featuring at limited So Cal Klatch locations so check with your favorite barista. For those wanting to brew at home you can purchase a bag each of the Ethiopian washed Bedhatu and Ethiopian natural Chelelektu, enjoy a pot or a few pour overs of each, then mix the rest and follow our recipe to brew your own cold brew.  
Where else did we spent time? Todd and I spent quite a bit with the beer brewers.  No, not to drink the beer….fun as that would have been, but to learn more about canning and bottling for retail. Heather and I met with Andrew who designs our new stores as he is working on drawings for a new Klatch to open later this year or early 2020. Heather also found some new equipment we may be bringing to our stores and Holly found some delicious goodies to add. We will let you know more as those come to Klatch so stay tuned.  
latte art
For those who did not make it out, it was a fun show to meet so many. In closing I just have to shout out to Umpaul from Korea who won the World latte Art Championship at Coffee Fest with the following final pour.  
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