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Klatch Bringing Both #1 Best of Panama
& World Record Elida Geisha Coffee to U.S.

Best of Panama - May 26, 2018   |   Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama 


We have the honor of roasting the Lamastus Family Award-Winning Coffee!  This year marks Klatch Coffee’s 25th Anniversary and Lamastus Family Estate's 100th Anniversary, we have the excited to share these excellent accomplishments in such a landmark year.   The Elida Estate is one of our oldest Direct-Trade partners.  We were the first U.S. Roaster to bring Elida Estate to the U.S. with his first year producing his Elida Natural Catuai. 


A follow up on last year's 601 Esmeralda Geisha world record coffee, Klatch Coffee once again will be bring the best, New World Record Geisha home.  This year, Klatch joined Suzuki Taroh of Saza Coffee in Japan and an elite group of roasters around the world in winning the #1 Best of Panama Geisha Washed from Elida Estate.  This coffee sold for $661/lb and not only topped the Esmeralda world record price of last year, but scored the highest cupping score ever in the history of Best of Panama.   Our own Mike Perry, being one of 6 judges to score this coffee at 97+ points. 


We also joined Black Gold from Taiwan in securing the #1 Best of Panama Geisha Natural, from Elida Estate.  The Lamastus Family coffee set another record that sold for $803/lb.  In the history of Best of Panama this is the first time the same farm, Elida Estate, has won both the washed and natural geisha cupping events!

 Words from Mike Perry: 


Words from Wilford Lamastus:


"Since the first year we started producing full-specialty coffee in Elida Estate, Mike Perry and the Klatch Coffee family believed in us and immediately we started a business relationship. It has become now the longest non-stop relationship with our friends the Perry family. Mike is still our customer, but more important our friend, we enjoy his company every time he comes to Panama or when we go and visit him in LA and specially during the Best of Panama.


I am so pumped that in Elida Estate's 100th Anniversary, which is the same year as Klatch Coffee 25th Anniversary, Mike was able to get a piece of our biggest accomplishments in Elida Estate's history, which are our two Geisha lots that got 1st place in each geisha category of the BOP competition Elida Geisha Washed  and Elida Geisha Natural. Those are the 803 and the 661 (Natural and washed geisha) lots that got the highest prices EVER in coffee auction history. Elida Geisha Washed also broke a record in total points (94.66) and Mike was one for the judges that scored over 97 points. It has been an unbelievable year for Elida Estate being the 100 anniversary with all these excellent accomplishments and we are honored and glad that we can share this with our current longest coffee sourcing relationship, Klatch Coffee."


Thank you,

Mike and the Klatch Family

~ Wilford Lamastus


The Lamastus Family has being producing coffee in Elida Estate for four generations since 1918. Elida Estate coffees are produced under a unique world-ecological condition: it is shade-grown, bird-friendly, the farm is located at a very high elevation, in a microclimate with very low temperatures, the coffee trees are surrounded by the Volcan Baru National Park -a virgin native cloudy rainforest.


More than half of this farm is located in the Volcan Baru National Park, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals such as the tropical tiger. The Baru volcano is one of the highest volcanoes in Central America and covers 7 different climate zones. The coffee is grown up to 1,825 meters, the highest elevation to grow coffee in Panama. 

There are several local conditions that set this coffee apart from others. The farm is located at a very high elevation, one of the two highest coffee farms in Panama. It is grown in rich, volcanic soil with a cool climate and a significant amount of fog and mist during the dry season. The coffee trees are surrounded by virgin-native cloudy rain forest, and because of the cool temperatures at night, it takes 2 to 3 years longer than the average coffee tree before these trees begin to produce. The low temperatures also contribute to an extended ripening time by 1 month, creating a more developed coffee bean.








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