What are Single Origin coffees?

Single Origin Coffees come from a single coffee producer. This means they are from a singular country and region. Here we'll discuss this in greater detail and what it means for the flavor of your cup of coffee.

Single Origins VS. Blends
Blends are coffees the roasters blend together after roasting, making blends like our Onyx Blend and our House Espresso. The roasting team, led by Roastmaster Mike Perry, will do a cupping of single origins they think will compliment each other.
However, a blend can also be a single-origin blend. Our Single Origin blends are given to us from a Co-Op blended from crops farmed by multiple farmers. This is the case for coffees like our Colombia RUB and Brazil Klatch Diamond Reserve.

Do single-origins taste differently?

Single-origin coffees are from a single place, they typically have a distinct flavor. Based on the growing elevation and weather. They come in a variety of coffee processes, such as natural, washed and honey. Flavors can be heavily influenced by many factors including botanical variety, soil, climate, altitude, and shade. Our single-origin beans are roasted to the peak of flavor, and are typically anywhere from light to medium. We work with the coffee to highlight its signature flavors.

Micro Lots & Varietals - Like Geisha!

Another aspect to Single Origin coffees is that they may be a "micro lot" or a specific varietal. A "micro lot" refers to a small run of a crop. Klatch has Direct Trade partners that clue us in on their limited-release micro lots throughout the year.
Single origin coffees come in a myriad of varietals; Pacamara, Bourbon, Typica and Geisha, just to name a few. As we have limited quantity to roast, most of our Micro Lots are Monday Roasts. We hope to continuously provide you with a large variety of Single Origin Coffees to choose from. You'll find they come from many different countries, such as El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia and more. We often find they do well in awards, view our award winning coffees here.


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