Keeping it HOT or COLD

Everyone has a different preference in their drink temperature whether it’s hot or cold. Myself I like a ‘children’s temp’ 130°. With my Klatch tumbler I’m able to drink it at the temp I love during work, with being busy I’m able to take a sip here and there. I also use my tumbler to keep drinks cold and ice stays for 24 hours per manufacture specs.

Klatch Tumblers: We are offering limited edition Graphic Designs stainless steel thermal tumbler combines contemporary design with ergonomics to create a stylish, sleek and easy to use beverage holder with some serious temperature holding capabilities: this copper vacuum insulated tumbler will keep your hot drinks warm and cold drinks remaining chilled for 24 hours. The H2Go Nexus is manufactured from high quality 18/8 stainless steel and is available in a choice of three vibrant colors, allowing you to express yourself as you work out, take a leisurely stroll or simply commute to work.
Latte Sunsrise 12 oz SS Tumbler

Coffee Is The Conversation Nexus
16 oz Thermal Tumbler

Blazing New Trails 
17 oz SS Bottle

Camelbak®️ Horizon 12 oz Camper Mug Tumbler

The copper plating on the inner wall is an extra line of defense against temperature transfer. heat escapes much slower so your hot coffee stays hot even in a snow storm, and heat enters much slower so your ice in your beverage doesn't melt even under a blistering summer sun. On average, copper vacuum insulation can make a difference of 9℉/5℃ over 24 hours and prevents heat from entering or exiting the tumbler by thermal radiation.
HOT 12 hours

COLD 24 hours

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