How-To With Heather: the Breville® Barista Pro

It took quite a few years for Klatch to find a home espresso maker they could stand behind. Breville®'s product line, however, is something we could get behind. High quality options that result in great tasting coffee.

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Great espresso begins with great coffee and a good base line recipe. Developing a great espresso at home is involves experimenting with dosage, grind and water with extraction time. Experiment to your liking with the Breville Espresso Machine

Use our recipe
Grind 20g in/36g out
24-26 seconds
Temperature 201°

A scale is the most important tool, use the scale to weigh the grind in and espresso out. Using a scale gives you your true brew ratio. Consistency and Repeatability – Once coffee and water are measured, a scale enables you to repeat this with the same result every time.

Easy Starting Point 2:1 ratio
20g in/40g out
OR 20g in/36g out
Breville | the Bambino™ Plus
Breville | the Barista Express™
Breville | the Dual Boiler™
Breville | the Oracle®
Breville | the Duo-Temp™ Pro
Breville | the Oracle® Touch

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