Ask Heather: "Your Espresso Questions"

Heather Perry, 2X US Barista Champion and Klatch Coffee CEO, answers YOUR questions about espresso.
Let's see what the "Queen of Espresso" has to say...



"Should I change what type of espresso I use based upon the machine?"

"Yes, if you have a lower
quality machine I would use a more forgiving espresso. If you have a higher quality
machine I would go with something that you can pull and extract more out of. Not all machines are made equal."

"With the same espresso beans, can I make both an americano and latte?
Or will it taste better with a different espresso for each?"

"You can absolutely use the same espresso, but with that being said if you like fruitier coffees like our WBC , I like that without milk as an Americano. Or something like our Belle or our House with chocolate and caramel notes I love a little milk in them. They’re like the perfect indulgent adult Hot Chocolate."

"Is it possible to make
espresso without an
espresso machine?"

"No there isn’t.
There are devices that make a similar type of beverages, like the Areopress or Moka Pot.
But for a really good espresso you need a machine."

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WBC World's Best Espresso
sweet dark chocolate - orange citrus - berry

House Espresso
orange zest - cinnamon stick - semi-sweet chocolate

Belle Espresso
blackberry - chocolate - brandy

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