Ask Heather: "Coffee Blends are like a symphony..." Part 3

Heather Perry, 2X US Barista Champion and Klatch Coffee CEO, answers YOUR questions about espresso.
Let's see what the "Queen of Espresso" has to say...



"When I’m at home my Espresso tastes burnt, what am I doing wrong?"

"You may be running too hot, which is very common for home machines. Too much steam coming out, cooking the coffee.
Purge the machine, run until the steam stops.
You may be extracting too long, look at your time and your volume.

Coffee is a trinity, Dose-Time- Grind. You are constantly balancing. Easy Start for espresso is a 2:1 ratio in about 25-30 seconds."

"Are Espressos always Blends?"

"Here at Klatch we are known for 'blends'. We experiment trying our single origins by pulling shots, then take the ones with potential our top Single Origin, to make a Single Origin Espresso or Espresso Blend. Using 2 parts this- 1 part this or an equal blend of 3."

"Blends almost always win out with our process. The tend to be more complex, the most delicious and flavor. It's a Symphony of flavors."

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WBC World's Best Espresso
sweet dark chocolate - orange citrus - berry

House Espresso
orange zest - cinnamon stick - semi-sweet chocolate

Belle Espresso
blackberry - chocolate - brandy

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