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at home latte

No espresso machine? No problem. Learn how to make a "faux" latte at home - that's right, without an espresso machine. We'll show you the Klatch way.

Cold Brew at Home

What goes better with hot weather than cold brew? That’s a trick question, the answer is nothing. Well we’re here to help you make it right in your kitchen and that way you can have it whenever you want!

Making Inexpensive Coffee at Home

Do you ever wake up and just want a good cup of quality coffee and then realize not only do you not want to get up and go to your local coffee shop, but you also don’t feel like breaking the bank?

Well you’re not alone! We’re here to help you make a good, quality cup of coffee right in your own kitchen, because quality coffee and expensive coffee are not synonymous! 

A quick and easy method for that (especially for those new to coffee) is using a gold ole French press. The French press is super easy to come by and a decent one usually costs around $20-$30. Depending on where you look, you can even find some that are cheaper. 

Best Method for Cupping Coffee at Home

At the heart of any coffee roasting operation is “cupping,” the process of tasting, describing, and scoring coffee. Once upon a time, raw coffee was bought and sold based chiefly on aspects of its visual appearance and the attributes of flavor associated with those visuals. 

Temperature: What is the best temperature for brewing coffee

Is your water brewing temperature important? Short answer: yes. Long answer: Yes and here's why...

Brewing Best Practices Coffee-to-Water Ratio: To achieve the Golden Cup Standard, the recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 55 g/L ± 10%. 

Coffee Preparation Temperature: Water temperature, at the point of contact with coffee, is recommended to fall between 200°F ± 5° (93.0°C ± 3°). 

Keep in mind, brewing temperature may differ per brewing device. Consistency in temperature is key, the best way to retain temperature is with an electric kettle.

Need more tips? Our suggestion is to experiment & document. 

SCA Protocols Best Practices

Coffee basics: Why whole bean is better

Freshness is key, buying our high quality specialty whole bean is the first step, freshly grinding before you brew your cup of joe is ideal. We always recommend buying whole bean, freshly ground coffee has an impact on flavor. A fresh brew of Klatch Coffee is best represented with our whole bean coffee, this allows you to capture freshness and essential oils from beans by grinding right before you brew with any brewing method. Learn more about why brewing from freshly ground coffee is best.


Troubleshooting Your Coffee Brew: A How-To

Klatch Coffee provides their expert tips on troubleshooting your coffee brewing technique. Learn tips and tricks to guide your coffee brewing to the perfect spot.

Your Coffee Journey

My coffee journey began 20 years ago, my family always drank coffee together; often as coffee break. We drank Café con Leche, which is made by boiling cinnamon sticks in water with sugar concentrate with coffee and condensed milk. In my late teens, early 20’s I had many late-night Denny’s visits. I was drinking coffee