Your Coffee Journey

My coffee journey began 20 years ago, my family always drank coffee together; often as coffee break. We drank Café con Leche, which is made by bo...

“How Do I Make GOOD Espresso At Home?”

    Heather Perry, 2X US Barista Champion, explains how to make an excellent espresso at home. Pick your favorite Klatch Espresso:What is your roas...

Brew Guide -the Breville Precision Brewer® Thermal

the Breville Precision Brewer® Thermal Brew Guide DOWNLOAD AUTOMATIC PRESETS AND CUSTOMIZABLE With 6 unique brewing modes you can enjoy the perfe...

Hario | V60 Dripper

  30 G | 415 ML   1.  Place filter in V60 2.  Pre-rinse filter 4.  Grind size should be similar to ground table salt (fine) 5.  Add ground coffee t...

Cafflano - Kompact

Cafflano Kompact Always on the go? Only want to drink a small cup of coffee? Need a small travel-safe brewer for drip coffee? Want a paperless brewer? Cafflano® Kompact is the perfect brewer for you! No need to worry about paper filters or clunky and fragile coffee brewers. 

Cafflano - Klassic

Cafflano Klassic Planning a camping trip and want to bring the least amount of coffee equipment? Or want less coffee equipment at work? Cafflano® Klassic is your choice for an all-in-one brewing system! You can always count of having the satisfaction of making a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are.


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