Coffee basics: Why whole bean is better

Freshness is key, buying our high quality specialty whole bean is the first step, freshly grinding before you brew your cup of joe is ideal. We always recommend buying whole bean, freshly ground coffee has an impact on flavor. A fresh brew of Klatch Coffee is best represented with our whole bean coffee, this allows you to capture freshness and essential oils from beans by grinding right before you brew with any brewing method. Learn more about why brewing from freshly ground coffee is best.


It's in the Grind: Now to pick the perfect grinder

The right balance of coffee grind to water will give you a great brew. The size of the grind will influence the flow of the water because adjusting the flow of the water will allow you to customize any of the parameters like bloom time and brew temperature. If it's flow grind finer, if it flows slower, make the grinder coarse