Roasted To Order: Why It Matters

We talk about “freshness”... and boast that we are a "roast to order" company...
but how does that relate to taste?


From the time the coffee is roasted, the clock starts - its biological clock. The coffee beans now intermittently are exposed to oxygen.

"Coffee is a highly elusive product – as soon as it is roasted, it already starts to evolve, change and lose its freshness. Research on coffee freshness focuses on two fields related to changes that occur during storage: the chemical changes to coffee aroma and physical changes related to degassing. Both can be linked to loss of freshness." via SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Freshness Handbook.


Coffee that is old is not balanced or bright in flavor.

Not sure how old your coffee is? Test it.

To test the freshness of your coffee, put some grounds in a cup and simply pour hot water, you'll see the coffee rise. If it is old it will stay flat just like flat old carbonated beverages. Just like a carbonated beverage gas escapes when coffee is brewed. This is called the bloom, coffee gases are released. 

Look at the roast date on the bag.

Brewed Coffee Ideal:
4 days - 12 days off roast

Espresso Ideal:
6 days - 14 days off roast

Look at the brew.

Brewed Coffee:
Old, stale, coffee will not bloom and will stay flat when wet.

Old, stale, coffee will have barely have crema that basically disappears.

THE Klatch Coffee WAY

We believe in freshness - That’s why we roast your coffee to order.
We want you to know when it was roasted - That’s why we write the date on the bag this way you can brew it at the right time.

Keep the bag closed - our bags are scientifically designed to retain flavor as we’ve installed nitro-flush valves on each bag.
Keeping your bag closed tightly in a cabinet is the BEST way to help it last longest. If your coffee is unopened, it can last for up to 6 months.

• brewing it 5-7 days after it's roasted to give it time to “rest”
• brewing with whole bean coffees - this is another layer of oxygenation that leads to poor tasting coffee
• brewing with the right recipe