Gino Glass Coffee Dripper

The Gino Dripper is the manual brewing device used by our Coffee Guru, Todd Goldsworthy to win the 2014 Southwest and US Brewers Cup competition. With 3 holes at the bottom, this device is engineered to ensure the optimal distance for water to travel through the coffee bed, ensuring an even extraction for a pure and flavorful brewed coffee.


Here is Klatch Coffee's brewing guide for the Gino Dripper.

 Step 1: Place Kalita filter in Gino Dripper.

Step 2: Rinse the filter with hot water. Then, empty the cup.

Step 3: Weigh out 28 grams of whole bean Klatch Coffee.

Step 4: Grind size should be similar to ground pepper.

Step 5: Add ground coffee to filter.

Step 6: Saturate all coffee with 40 ml of water. Let sit for 30 seconds. Pour slow in spiral motion from center.

Step 7: Continue until you reach 400 ml

Step 8: Time 2 minutes, 45 seconds. Troubleshooting: If longer, make grind coarser. If shorter, make grind finer.

Step 9: Pour into cup and enjoy!

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