Fretta Iced Coffee Maker

Iced coffee? Yes, please! 
The Japanese pour over method takes a traditional pour over technique directly over ice to instantly cool the coffee, resulting in a quick, clean, and aromatic iced coffee. 

Just FYI, The word Hario means 'King of Glass' in Japanese.

Here is Klatch Coffee's Fretta Iced Coffee Maker brewing guide.

Step 1: Heat water to boiling, fill diffuser with 250ml of ice and assemble the Fretta

Step 2: Weigh 36 grams (3-4 cups) and grind coffee (Grind should be coarse or similar to table salt) 

Step 3: Rinse filter to clean out unwanted "paper taste"

Step 4: Place grinds in filter then soak grounds with 60ml water in a spiral motion. The coffee will bloom indicating its freshness

Step 5: Add water in 60ml increments until water level reaches to 250ml on Fretta. 

Step 6: Pour ice from diffuser into your cup and top with coffee!


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