French Press: A Brewing Guide

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kettle french press

1. Pre-heat 
both your french press and mug by pouring in boiling water.
*This helps retain the heat.

warm mug

2. Boil 
approximately 1 Liter of water in the kettle.

whole bean scale scoop

3. Weigh
out 54 grams of whole bean coffee. 

*If you do not have a scale, use tablespoons for measuring.
1 TB is equivalent to 5 g of coffee. Scoop 11 times to get
approximately 55g of coffee.

scoop ground coffee scale weight

4. Grind
your coffee to a medium coarseness. *This grind size is most closely related to Kosher salt. 
Here is a picture to show you for comparison:
medium coarseness grind size

Dump out the preheat water. Pour in the coffee.
Place the French Press onto your scale and tare it.
Have a timer ready to ensure the proper extraction while brewing.

tare with coffee preheated french press pour ground coffee

5. Pour 
the hot water up to 700 g.
*If you don't have a scale, pour 0.7 Liters of hot water.

pour hot water boiling

6. Stir
At the 1 minute mark, quickly agitate the grounds for
5 seconds in circular motion with a stirring utensil.

1 minute mark stir french press

7. Brew 
Place the lid securely onto the French Press and
allow the brew to steep for 4 minutes 30 seconds.

close up french press brew lid steep
warm mug dump water preheated cup

While the coffee is steeping, dump out the water from the preheated coffee mug. 

pushing french press brew plunger downclose up french press brew

At 4:30, press down on the plunger of your French Press.
Press down until you reach the coffee ground; Do not press to squeeze the grounds.

5 min mark pour extra serving carafe

It's ready!
At the 5-minute mark on your timer, pour yourself a mug of coffee.
*You may pour the rest of the contents into a separate serving carafe
to prevent over-extraction and an unpleasant mouthfeel to your coffee.

pour into cup coffee french press
french roast blend french press
Today, we brewed using our French Roast Blend. At 13:1, a dark roast coffee
like this has perfect creamy body and richness. This ratio will also work
for medium and medium-light roast coffees. Feel free to experiment
by changing the ratio to your taste preferences.
printer friendly french press
Our recommended coffees for french press are: 
TIP: We recommend purchasing whole beans so that you can experience
the morning ritual of grinding and brewing a fresh cup of coffee every day!
If you don't have a grinder at home, we do offer a French Press grind
option for our drip coffees. Don't have a grinder yet? Shop Baratza grinders.
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