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French Press: A Brewing Guide

 Brewing Coffee Using a French Press: Klatch Brew Guide


Let's get started

What you will need:

  • French Press (34 ounce)
  • Kettle (stovetop or electric are fine)
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Measuring vessel
  • Stirring Utensil
  • Serving Carafe
  • Water
  • Coffee Mug


 Coffee Recipe:

Ratio 13:1
Time: 4:30 minute steep
Water: 700 grams
Coffee: 54 grams, ground to medium coarseness

 kettle french presswarm mug


Once you've gathered your items, you'll need to start pre-heating. We will pre-heat the French press, the serving carafe, and the mug. To do so, boil water in the kettle to a rolling boil. 

Then, pour the water into those items and let them sit during the brewing process. You may also want an extra serving carafe to transfer your brew from the French Press to prevent over extraction and making the beverage cloudy. The purpose of preheating a carafe is to have your water temperature stay consistent throughout the brewing process.

Now we need to boil water for the brewing process. Fill up your kettle with approximately 1 Liter of water and let it heat up to a rolling boil.

whole bean scale scoop

Second, you will need your coffee of choice and a scale.  If you are having a hard time selecting which coffee to brew, here are a few of our recommended choices: Blue Thunder Blend, French Roast Blend and FTO Rainforest. Don’t have a scale? No problem, we offer three different colored Escali Scales!

tare cup scale scoop beans

We recommend purchasing whole-beans so that you can experience the morning ritual of grinding and brewing a fresh cup of coffee every-day. Nothing gets the day off to a good start like smelling freshly ground coffee. But if you do not own a grinder, we do offer a French Press grind option for our drip coffees.

scoop ground coffee scale weight

For those who have a scale, tare out your measuring vessel and weigh out 54 grams of whole-bean coffee and then grind. Now for those who do not own a scale and use tablespoons to measure, we found that for every tablespoon is about 5 grams of coffee. Scoop and level 11 times of ground coffee, this will be roughly around 55 grams of coffee for your brew.

medium coarseness grind size

We ground our coffee to a medium coarseness. This grind size would be closest to Kosher salt. Here is a picture to show you for comparison.

tare with coffee preheated french press pour ground coffee

Dump out the water from the preheated French Press and pour in the ground coffee. Place the French Press onto your scale and press tare. Have a timer ready to ensure the proper extraction while brewing.

0 min mark kettle boiling water rolling bubblespour hot water boiling

Remove the kettle with boiling water and allow the rolling bubbles to settle. Pour directly into the French Press and start your timer.

close up french press coffee bloom

Pour the hot water quickly into French Press and up to 700 grams of water, if using a scale. For those using a metric kettle and not a scale, pour 0.7 liters of hot water into French Press.

1 minute mark stir french pressstir agitate grounds 5 seconds

Now at the 1 minute mark, quickly agitate the grounds for 5 seconds in circular motion with a stirring utensil.

close up french press brew lid steep

Now place the lid securely onto the French Press and allow the brew to steep for 4:30 minutes.

warm mug dump water preheated cup

While the coffee is steeping, dump out the water from the preheated coffee mug and the preheated serving carafe. The reason for having an extra serving carafe is to prevent over extraction. Also, with the additional movement, it causes the coffee bed particles to loosen and makes the beverage solution cloudy and an unpleasant mouthfeel.

pushing french press brew plunger downclose up french press brew

At 4:30, press down on the plunger of your French Press. Press down until you reach the coffee ground; Do not press to squeeze the grounds.

5 min mark pour extra serving carafepour from french press into containerswirl and serve amazing coffee

At 5 minutes, pour the brew into the extra serving carafe. Now swirl the carafe and serve yourself an amazingly complex coffee.

pour into cup coffee french presspour into cup coffee french press

Now you have the perfect brew to start your morning off right!

french roast blend french press

Today, we brewed using our French Roast Blend. You can find a wide range of coffees by visiting our website: Klatch Roasting. Happy Brewing!

I found that when brewing a full immersion with a dark roast, I needed to have a strong ratio as it showcased a more rich, smooth and complex cup. When the ratio was 15:1, I noticed that the coffee was weaker and less flavorful. At 13:1, it had the perfect creamy body and richness that you would want in a French Pressed coffee. When I brewed this recipe for a co-worker, she said it reminded her of how she used to drink her coffee back home in Europe.

If you plan to use a medium-light to medium roast, I would highly suggest using the same recipe.  Having a smaller dose made the coffee beverage weaker as well. In the end, brewing coffee is all about experimentation until you have found the perfect recipe that fits what you like to drink.


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