Espresso for Beginners

Have you ever thought to yourself, "what even is espresso?" but have always been a little embarrassed to ask? Well first of all, no need to be embarrassed! We're 

What makes espresso different is really just the way it is made. Espresso is made using the same coffee beans as every other method. 

The espresso making method originated in Italy. It consists of a small amount of boiling water that is forced under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. That pressure is what shortens the extraction time compared to brewed coffee. This process makes the flavor much more intense and thick. 

Many drinks are made using espresso, maybe even your favorite one!

Here are a few examples of drinks made with espresso:

Latte - a shot of espresso with steamed milk and foam
Americano - espresso with hot water
Cappuccino - a shot of espresso with steamed milk
Mocha - espresso with chocolate and steamed milked
Macchiato - equal parts espresso and steamed milk

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