Chemex Dripper

Looking for the right dripper?
Overwhelmed and cannot decide which one to buy?
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Why Chemex?

We recommend the Chemex pour-over because it extracts a bright, clean, and smooth cup due to the paper filter being 20-30% heavier than other filters.  This allows the paper filter to retain more of the oils and solids during the brewing process.  The Chemex dripper can accommodate two to three 10 ounce
cups depending on how much you want to serve yourself and others.  Overall, the Chemex pour-over is user-friendly, easy-to-clean and always brews a fantastic cup no matter the coffee used.  Keep in mind that this recipe is intended to brew more than one cup using the Chemex 30 ounce. If you are trying this recipe and think this will be too much coffee for yourself, share it with a friend, coworker, or neighbor! We found that this recipe works great with our coffee, and how we like to brew using our Chemex at headquarters.

Our recommended ratio is 14.5:1; 700 ml of water to 48 grams of coffee.
Let’s start brewing!
What you will need:
 Coffee
 Chemex (34 ounce)
 Chemex filters
 Kettle (stovetop or electric are fine)
 Water
 Scale
 Timer
 Measuring vessel
 Coffee Mug

Step 1: Place filter (bonded filters) in Chemex.  
Step 2: Pre-Rinse filter and Chemex.
Step 3: Weigh out 48 grams of whole bean Klatch Coffee.
Step 4: Grind size should be similar to coarse ground Kosher salt.
Step 5: Add ground coffee to filter.  

Step 6: Saturate all coffee grounds with 70 ml water, let sit for 45 seconds.
Step 7: Pour slow in spiral motion from center. Keep water level 1 inch below rim.
Step 8: Continue until you reach 710 ml. 
Step 9: Aim for a brew time of 4 mins. If it runs faster, adjust the grind finer.
If it runs slower, make the grind coarser.

Step 10: Pour into cup and enjoy!

Adjust your brew:
After you tried the recipe, if you feel that it was too watery/weak: dose up; if you feel that it was too strong: dose down for your next brew (in the meantime, add a bit of water to taste.) If the water ran too quickly: grind finer; water stalled: grind coarser.

Coffee Recommendation:
Any of our Single Origins or Blends would be a great option to try.
The Chemex brewing device can deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements. Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues, the Chemex is a classic "go-to" brewing device everyone will enjoy using. 
Try brewing a Klatch Coffee Single Origin when using a Chemex to REALLY bring out the best of our coffee!


  • This has helped me a lot on learning how to brew using a chemex. Ed: yes it includes bloom time.

    Rose Bilderain
  • Does the four minute brew time include the 45 second “bloom” time?

  • I am a long time Chemex user currently enjoying the Klatch Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GR1 BedHatu Jibicho Washed. One Question: Does the four minute brew time include the 45 seconds for the initial Bloom?


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