All Out Attack Blend

"Mike, Just wanted to send a quick THANKS to you for creating the "All Out Attack Blend" in support of our troops. My daughter Katie is proudly serving our country in the US Navy and is currently deployed (European arena). If only all could witness first-hand how selflessly the sailors and soldiers, along with their families, give their all to protect our great country. Your efforts to show your appreciation and support means a great deal to them and their families. Hey, and they deserve to get a fantastic cup of coffee to boot!"-Teresa (Klatch Customer)

Belle Espresso

"Intense aroma: brandy, chocolate, caramel. In the small cup medium in body but smooth in mouthfeel, crisply pungent yet caramelly sweet, with a tightly knit, understated complexity: brandy, caramel, cedar and flowers, hints of which persist in the roundly rich finish. Masters milk with a gentle, brandied chocolate authority."-Ken Davids (Coffee Review)

WBC - Worlds Best Espresso

The name says it all!

February 24, 2011

Reviewer: Jose Ameral from San Mateo, CA United States

1. "I've tried many different espressos from several roaster and I have to say that this is the best that I've had. Also in Norcal I can get it within 2 days of roast. I find this espresso to be very forgiving if your barrista skills aren't sharply honed, always delivering a very flavorfull and complex shot. I can pull delicious shots with the espresso out to 10+ days of roast. Get your hands on some and try it...you'll love it too!"

Best I've Ever Had

December 6, 2010

Reviewer: Joel S. from Encinitas, CA

2. I don't know if it's the best espresso in the world, but it's the best I've ever had!! Get some. You will not be sorry. It has many delineated layers that change with each sip and a non-bitter finish that goes on for miles like a fine wine. They got it to SoCal one day after roasting it!! Update: 7 days after its roast date and it hasn't lost its freshness or flavor profile! It used to be so much work to figure out how to get the best, freshest beans to my house, all the while guessing what was the best. What a world we are living in!Outstanding espresso

February 18, 2010

Reviewer: Jeff Y. from New York, NY United States

3. I've ordered espresso from most of the top roasters, and this one is still my favorite. The crema is thick and smooth, and the taste is relatively sweet but not overdone. Not a hint of bitterness. Highly recommended!Excellent crema smooth taste

February 2, 2010

Reviewer: Jacob Koski from www.thebleedingbean.com

4. I got a bag of this coffee from Main St bagels in Grand Junction Colorado. It was very good, I was able to get really nice crema and sweet/smoothness perfect for my americano and her capp. We are in the process of trying lots of coffee's - bluebottle's Roman, Hayes Valley, Vail Roasters, Back Alley Coffee, and so far this is our second favorite. I really appreciate the easy to brew espresso (unlike BB's Roman which "will turn on you if any number of parameters are off") and this espresso is surely one. I hope to try it again as I will be soon upgrading my Giotto with a brew head temp gauge and will have more predictable results. Will let you know

Panama Don Pachi Natural Geisha

94 points scored by Ken Davids from Coffee Review (2012)Blind Assessment: "Extraordinary deep, shifting complexity. Honey, brandy, plum, dark chocolate, lush dusk flowers in aroma and cup, although along the way any number of other aromatic notes emerge with brief, startling clarity. Round, savory-sweet structure; rich, brandyish acidity; syrupy mouthfeel. Long, flavor-saturated finish."

Panama Esmeralda Leon Geisha

96 points scored by Ken Davids from Coffee Review (2012)Blind Assessment: "Intense, complex floral notes, from crisp lavender to sweet lilies, with an underlying nut-toned dark chocolate that suggests fine roasted cocoa nibs. Zesty orange citrus. Rich acidity; syrupy mouthfeel. The finish may be a tad too dry for some coffee drinkers but it is rich and deeply flavor-saturated."

FTO Ethiopian Gedeo Worka (2012 Good Food Award Gold Seal Winner)Coffee Reviewed scored Ethiopian Gedeo Worka 92 points, there blind assessment was stated as: "big, syrupy mouthfeel and a long, deeply resonant finish particularly distinguish this coffee, but the rich acidity is impressive too, as are the sweetly pungent aromatics: fir, dark chocolate, cherry, almond."

Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve

"The Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve Coffee is the best coffee I've ever had. While I am not an expert by any means, I've tried many Panama Coffees from roasters around the country and they were great, but yours is fantastic. I look forward to having my cup of Klatch Panama Carmen Estate every day." - Teresa (Klatch Customer)

Panama Kotowa Duncan (Organic Micro-Lot)

Ken Davids from Coffee Review recently scored our Kotowa Duncan 92 points! Blind Assessment: "Complex, spicy floral notes, tangerine-like citrus, sweet dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Brisk acidity; smooth, velvety mouthfeel. Rich, balanced, flower-saturated finish. Who Should Drink It: The complex floral notes, which include spicy florals like aromatic tea rose and bitterish florals like lavender, are one good reason for aficionados to seek out this unusual coffee."

Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero

Coffee Review scored Helsar with 92 points

Blind Assessment: "flowers, white wine and tangerine-like citrus soften toward a cocoaish dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Delicately bright, wine-like acidity, silky mouthfeel. Gently tart, chocolate-toned finish."

Guatemala Genuine Antigua Covadonga

Our daily cup...

February 26, 2011

Reviewer: John Lew from Los Angeles, CA United States

"This gorgeous bean brightens every morning in our home with its excellent balance of deep, chocolate flavor and an enthralling range of bright fruit acids atop. A luxurious, viscous mouth-feel with a sweet, clean, and long-lasting finish. Some mornings I swear my wife's secretly added a shot of fine cognac into my mug... it's that regal"

Coffee Review previously scored the Covadonga 93 points.Blind Assessment: "a sweetly bright yet balanced cup. The acidity is delicate yet penetrating, the mouthfeel is light, smooth and silky, orange, honey, flowers and a hint of milk chocolate in both aroma and cup. A precious, pure and lyrical coffee." - Ken Davids (Coffee Review)

Klatch - San Dimas

1. "This is one of my automatic go-to spots for when I want to get some art/writing done after I get off of work. It's conveniently located right next to the 57 freeway, and it's in the same plaza as Aaron Brothers (art supplies!), Target, and Trader Joe's, so if I need to knock some art supply/grocery shopping out of the way I can do so right before I get my coffee/tea.

There's wifi, but you're limited to two hours of it per code (which you get with your purchase). The service here is always great - Liz and Kim are two of the friendliest baristas you were will ever meet.... and they'll make you a great cup of coffee.

Favorite sandwiches to get: turkey/provolone deli sandwich (comes with sprouts! yum... and you can ask them to toast it on ciabatta bread if you want), three-cheese grilled panini, and monte cristo. SO GOOD.

Favorite drinks to get: creme brulee latte, ice blended white chocolate mocha, vanilla bean latte. All a bit on the sweet side, but still delicious."

- Stephanie C (from Yelp)

2. "The bottom line is they roast their own coffee. End of discussion.

I get mine to go, so this review is only for the coffee. I don't give a hill of beans about the ambiance, which is nice; couches, free wi-fi, live music every other Friday. They roast their beans in Upland, and I just wish they sold cups of coffee there because I love the smell of roasting coffee like you get at Kean's or Polly's.

If you are looking for fresh roasted coffee, this is the place. They have a few other locations, all of which get their coffee from the Upland roaster."- Robert C ( from Yelp)

3. "I go here regularly to buy coffee beans for espresso. It is about a 45-60 minute drive for me, but it is completely worth it. When I was living in Sacramento, I still visited once a month or so to buy beans. If I could not make it down, I would order them online. I would even take orders from my friends in Sac, and resell them up there. Yeah, it is that good.

They always have several varieties, and though I will occasionally try something new, I always go back to their WBC blend. It has the perfect brightness that I love in an espresso and produces a good crema.

I often order a double espresso to drink there when I stop in, and it is always perfectly pulled. I have gone with people who have ordered flavored or milk-based drinks and like them, but I stick to black espresso, so I cannot comment on those.

Service is always very helpful and friendly (Intelligentsia could really learn something from Klatch)."- Mathew B (from Yelp)

Klatch Rancho Cucamonga

1. "One of the best coffee roasters in the world..............Period! Very very few people travel more miles than these guys do to source and bring us some of the most amazing coffees that are being produced."- Cliff Y. (from Yelp)

2. "We don't get to go to Klatch Coffee as often as we'd like.

We live about 40 miles away from Klatch, but during Cucamonga Quakes baseball season, we're there every weekend before we go to the game!

I wish I could remember their names, but there are two guys that always seems to be working the weekend shift at about 4pm. They are very friendly and fun to joke around with... they provide great customer service... and some great coffee drinks!

This is the ONLY place that I have EVER enjoyed the taste of a blended coffee drink!

We feel that this Klatch Coffee is the best coffee house in the IE!

Pretty cool interior or you can sit on the very large patio. There's a large 'community' table in the middle of the shop that is good for a group of friends or for various individuals to use their laptops.

They also have good muffins (and other desserts) as well as some good paninis.

Freshly roasted, whole been coffee is sold here as well."

- Sean D (from Yelp)

3. "One of favorite hidden gems, lately it hasn't been so hidden. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Don't be afraid of the place when the Hipsters runneth over. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. ;-p.

They roast their own stuff so you are not going to get the run of the mill "bitter" over roasted coffee you might get at the chain cafes. Before any SB luvin snobs get up on my gril', I like SB their lesser popular blends. I think they are more flavorful than some of the more popular styles.

That's why I like this place so much. Choice. It has an abundance of choices that some places don't have."- Sean R (from Yelp)

Klatch Ontario

1. "Yum! Very good, strong, and flavorful drinks here, whether it's coffee or espresso. My favorite is the iced latte with vanilla bean (note: different from just vanilla). The staff here is very friendly and I like how they chat with the customers. It's quiet and cozy here, which makes it a nice place to study for 2 hours, which is how long the wi-fi lasts (also requires a purchase). There are two bar tables with stools, and two or three small tables against the window. There is also outdoor seating.

If you come often, ask about their card, because they don't always advertise it. It'll also help with that pesky $5 minimum to use your card.

This place is definitely the best coffee I've had; I'll be sad when I have to move away from the Inland Empire, and Klatch."

- Alisha T. (from Yelp)

2. "Hands down... BEST COFFEE IN I.E.!

I think that basically sums up my feelings about Klatch. The use high quality beans, their customer service is excellent, and you feel like you're getting much more personalized attention compared to Sbux.

My favorite baristas are Tarra, Kaitlin, and Manny. They are the best!"

- Juan Carlos P. (from Yelp)

3. I LOVE THIS PLACE! My office is in the middle of Starbuck's and Klatch coffee. Decided to give Klatch a shot and avoid the long lines at Starbuck's one morning and was so glad I did. They have unique seasonal specials. I was hooked on the Lavendar Latte. The staff is friendly and remembered my name and order by my third visit. The quality of their coffee is great and I love supporting a small business instead of the big chains!

- Patricia N. (from Yelp)

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