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Klatch Coffee Barista Wins UBC Frappe Challenge
Klatch Wins Best Coffeehouse in America
Klatch Wins an 'Oscar,' Good Food Award
Cappuccine "Ultimate Frappe" Recipe Contest
94 Points! Kenya Giakanja
Four Golds for Klatch
Klatch Coffee is the "Ultimate" Winner
Best New Kenya of the Year Scored 93 Pts
Finalist for Good Food Award
Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Scored 92 Points
Costa Rica Helsar Scored 92 Points
Guatemala Antigua Scored 93 Points
Klatch Sweeps UBC USA
Decaf Scores High!
Ardi Scored 93 Points!
Add It To The 90+ List
Mocha Java 91 Points
Kenya Githiru 95 Points!
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20 Facts You Didn't Know About Klatch
Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea
Celebrate National Coffee Day 2013 with Klatch
Celebrate NCD with ABC
Curing the Rust
Finally, Los Angeles has a coffee scene
Find the Four "Cool Guy" Turkeys - 2013 Thanksgiving Contest
Find the Mystical Roastmaster and his Minions
Klatch Korea
Klatch Photo Contest
Klatch Turns 20
Klatch Turns 20
We Came, We Saw, We Conquered
What is a Geisha?
Training to Improve Financial Stability
Free Coffee to Celebrate NCD
Jerome Likes His Klatch Coffee
Congrats on a Good Job Ontario Team!
LAX Coffeehouse is now open
Sold Out Coffee Notice
There is No X in Espresso
'Hacienda La Esmeralda' to be featured at KC Public Cupping Event
20 Years Of Klatch-tastic Coffees & Conversations
The King of Glass has Arrived!
Summer Treat, Iced Coffee
Rancho Klatch is Back!
Klatch in the NEWS
Wet & Crazy Party at the Roastery!
Celebrating Direct Trade
Direct Trade Farmer Visits
Klatch LAX Soars High on Opening Day
Coffeehouse Buck the Slump
Training with The Marine Vet
Seed To Cup Workshop Last April 2013
Three-Day Training to Kick Off 2013
Roasting with Ken Hodges
Crazy, Fun Barista Training
Simple Brewing Method Using The Chemex
Camp-Pull-A-Shot Wrap-Up
Naked Lemon Verbena
How to Enjoy Delicious Iced Coffee
1, 2, 3 ... Barista Training
Beating the Summer Heat with Tasty Coffee Drinks
Heather Perry in Costa Rica
Experience of Going to Origin
2010 Coffee Fest Seattle Wrap Up Report
Peru! Peru!
Heather in Peru!
Heather Perry's Best Barista Training
Where in World is Heather Perry?
Coffee Expo, Barista Championship, Coffees of the Year... SCAA in town!
Coffee Alliance in El Salvador
Heather Perry and Got Milk?
Klatch and Heather Perry to Aid El Salvador Relief Efforts
Klatch in the Midwest
Klatch Coffee Con 2013
The Best Geisha Cupping of 2013
The Don Pachi is Back!
Roasting Class Aug. 2012
Klatch Barista Cupping - July 2012
Cupping, Cupping, Cupping
2012 Cupping Caravan Part 4: Back to Yirgacheffe and Co-op Visits
SCAA Portland Wrap Up
NEW Single Origin Espresso!
2012 Sourcing Trip Part 5: Guatemala
2012 Sourcing Trip Part 4: Honduras Cont.
2012 Sourcing Trip Part 3: Honduras
2012 Sourcing Trip Part 2: El Salvador JASAL
2012 Sourcing Trip Part 1: El Salvador Las Mercedes
590 KTIE and Klatch Coffee Supporting Troops
Ring in the Holidays | Coffee & Espresso Club | Klatch Coffee
Brazil Wrap-Up: Highs, Lows, and fields of Snow
Sex with a Coffee Bean
Travel Through Africa
The Kenya Bet
Archive 1
  > Best New Kenya of the Year Scored 93 Pts
  > Rusty’s Tops At HCA Again
  > Klatch Coffee Introduces New Green Coffee Beans
  > 2011 SCAA’s Symposium and Exposition Wrap-Up Report
  > On the Road Again... Guatemala
  > Coffee Picks: April
  > On the Road Again
  > Oh Rwanda - New Coffee
  > Favorite Moments from Antigua
  > Liz in Guatemala Antigua
  > Liz in El Salvador 2011: Wrap Up
  > Mike in El Salvador 2011: Day 4
  > Archive 2
    • Mike in El Salvador 2011: Day 3
    • Mike in El Salvador 2011: Day 1 & 2
    • 11% OFF 11 Top Coffees for 2011
    • Klatch Holiday Blends are Now Available
    • Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Scored 92 Points
    • Sold Out Coffee Notice
    • Costa Rica Helsar Scored 92 Points
    • Guatemala Antigua Scored 93 Points
    • Brazil, Part 2
    • Brazil, Part 1
    • Oldie but a Goodie, Retiro De Quisayal
    • Words From Mike, in Colombia
    • "Old Guatemala," Genuine Antigua Covadonga
    • Royalty, The Wedding Blend
    • 'The Small Mine,' Costa Rica La Minita
    • Archive 3
      > Ever so Popular Las Mercedes, BACK!
      > King Bean of Las Mercedes!
      > New Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve Crop
      > New Micro-Lot Organic, Helsar de Zarcero
      > DINO-mite, New Coffee
      > Mario Carnival, Has Arrived!
      > Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, New Crop!
      > Last Chance for Papa's Choice Blend
      > Costa Rica Cerro Paldo is back!
      > Kenya AA Plus HGUVU
      > Decaf Santa Mariana from Brazil
      > NEW high-end Decaf
      > Decaffeination Ethel Acetate (EA) Water Process
      > Closing Another Chapter
      > Archive 4
    • 100% Pure for 100% Purists
    • Direct Trade Farmer Visits
    • New Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe
    • Mikes in Ethiopia!
    • Cupping Caravan 2010
    • Mike's 2010 Ethiopian Video Report
    • Right Off The Roaster!
    • Panama, Mike's Blog
    • New Zimbabwe AA Salima Estate
    • Direct Trade & Mike's Travels
    • El Salvador, Mike's Blog
    • Central American Direct Trade 2010 Video Report
    • Guatemala, Mike's Blog
    • Costa Rica, Mike's Blog
    • Roundup: NCA's Roaster Roundtable

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