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20 Years Of Klatch-tastic Coffees & Conversations

Klatch Team

Looking back at 2012, there were some momentous events to remember: The London Olympics, Hurricane Sandy, The Presidential Election, The Alleged End of the World, and the notorious Opan Gangnam Style.
Here at Klatch, 2012 brought us some momentous events as well: The sourcing of incredible coffees, building great relationships with our direct trade partners, welcoming Baby Cole into the Klatch family, winning America's Best Coffeehouse, the opening of Klatch LAX, and the numerous awards, trainings, cupping and events that took place.
With every year that passes, we look forward to what the next will bring. Already this year, Mike has been to El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia in search of great coffees, the retail staff had several coffee workshops, and Klatch LAX was featured on the front page of the January issue of Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine!

But what team Klatch is looking forward to the most in 2013 is our 20 year anniversary. It was October of 1993 that Mike and Cindy opened the Coffee Klatch in Rancho Cucamonga. Everyday since then (along with the help of their daughters, Heather and Holly), they have strived to provide a place where you can go to enjoy the finest coffees and great conversations. It is with this nostalgia we look back over the past 20 years of Klatch. We will not only reminisce about what has happened but anticipate what is still to come. We will also celebrate those of you who have been with us through it all.

To celebrate this "klatch-tastic" achievement, we will be hosting fun activities and competitions to express our love for coffee, every month leading to October. The first commemorative affair we would like for you to join us in is the love affair that we share... the love for coffee! We want to know what coffee means to you through a Coffee Lovers Collage.

All submission will be displayed in store (and on facebook) to be admired by all! At the end of the month, our favorite submissions will win a "Coffee Lover's Card" that you can spend in-store on whatever pleases you most! Deadline for submission is February 14th (Valentine's Day), the size requirement is 8x11 or 8x14. You can drop of your artworks at any Klatch location or email graphics@klatchroasting.com

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. Stay tuned for more updates when Mike returns from his awesome coffee sourcing trips for 2013.
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