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Mike's Sourcing Trip To Costa Rica and El Salvador 2013

by The Klatch Team

During the middle of January 2013, Mike Perry traveled to El Salvador to visit Lucia Ortiz and her family to source new crops at Pepinal 1 and Avila. He also went to Cost Rica to visit the farm at Cafe Tal. Check out some pictures and little side notes from his trip.

This is Mike posing at Pepinal 1, hoping to revive his modeling aspirations:)

Next picture is Lucia cupping at Consejo Lab. They cupped 19 coffees and all were great! We also got some scoop that Mike and Lucia are working on many new micro lots and experiments exclusive to Klatch. We'll keep you posted on that.

Roberto called the military police to get them. The military police help protect the farm. Mike mentioned that he heard shots and were told it was the military police chasing the thieves. Unfortunately, this has become a way of living for producers to protect their crops from invaders.

One of the farmers, showing us the process of picking the right coffee cherries.

The second half of this blog are Mike's notes and pictures that he shared when he visited the farm at Cafe Tal, Costa Rica.

Today was a great day as we visited the farm at CafeTal above the town of Naranjo in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The elevation of the farm climbs to 1700 meters and is a beautiful farm. If you do not know, CafeTal was the Cup of Excellence (COE) #1 winner from 2008. The coffee is some of the best picked cherry I have ever seen. While mainly Caturra and Catuii, there is also a little Typica and features Red, Yellow, and Orange Cherries. Check out some pictures below.

Here's one of our favorite pic of the trip. It's so luminous, almost like it's glowing with magic powers.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. Stay tuned for more updates when Mike returns from his awesome coffee sourcing trips for 2013.
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Mike's Sourcing Trip To Costa Rica and El Salvador 2013
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